Technology & Engineering: Defence Tech Company

The Challenge – attracting the most sought-after technical graduate talent

Our client, a defence technology company, wanted to attract the best computer scientists, electrical engineers, physicists and mathematicians to their 12-month placement programme and graduate scheme at their west-country head office. Experience with hardware or coding was essential.

The Solution – reach a wider audience of technical talent using our student headhunters

We briefed those headhunters from the relevant degree backgrounds at universities nationwide, who in turn recommended the company, the schemes and the technologies involved to their friends, course-mates and society colleagues, in an effort to persuade them to apply.

The Result – 12 hires made

We filled the requirement on both the graduate scheme and the 12-month placement with the quality that was unearthed by our student headhunters. We continue to supply talent to their schemes, which are growing in size.