The Challenge – attracting 30 graduates & interns to 13 different business areas

We manage the entire graduate attraction piece for several companies, who either lack the time, resource or expertise to manage it directly. This Scottish asset manager wanted to attract the best talent from the UK and beyond to suit a myriad of different roles, graduate schemes and internships, from Equities & Operations, to Sales and Risk.

The Solution – careful choice of headhunters

The key to success was assigning the right headhunter on the right campus to the right graduate role or internship; this ensured all the roles attracted sufficient talent. We worked with almost all our headhunters, department & society connections on this campaign in over 50 universities to find a range of students from business and management to accounting and finance graduates. We also managed the careers service connections on all the campuses, but no paid adverts or jobs boards were required – our campus connections delivered all the applications.

The Result – all roles filled

Having received over 7000 applications in total, we eventually delivered around 25 shortlisted applicants per position, as requested, who then went through the company’s rigorous selection process. The hiring managers were delighted with the quality of the graduates and interns, and more roles were created so that they were able to hire all the talent they wanted.