How To Attract Socially Mobile Brand Ambassadors and Why

Socially mobile Brand Ambassadors (BAs) are essential for the attraction of top, socially mobile talent to your opportunities. BAs are an excellent resource when attracting students from specific degrees and backgrounds. BAs have access to untapped social networks arising from their courses and multiple society memberships/access, as well as the ability to adapt activities easily and successfully. This access to high quality, relevant talent from similar pools to themselves makes BAs extremely effective in both attracting talent from specific groups for hard to fill roles and encouraging BAME, female, and socially mobile candidates to apply to employer opportunities even amidst lockdown


Sanctuary Graduates has developed an extensive network of campus connections on top of making use of our database and general jobs board advertising to attract and identify excellent BAs from diverse groups. It is these connections on top of Sanctuary Graduates’ extensive experience closely managing client BA’s activities that allows us to continue to excel in the sourcing and management of top BAs.


Finding Socially Mobile Brand Ambassadors for JLL

As such, when JLL had the goal of attracting more socially mobile candidates, Sanctuary Graduates worked on the behalf of JLL to find great, socially mobile BAs in order to access their connections to similar socially mobile candidates. In order to achieve this effectively, Sanctuary Graduates made use of our database and jobs board, as well as our: academic department connections; society connections; social media promotions; careers services and more on top of a RealRating test. 


Social Mobility Testing

This test allowed talent interested in the BA positions to identify whether their A level grades would have been higher based on their economic background, school etc. and thus whether or not they were socially mobile candidates. Adding this RealRating test into the application process along with targeting universities, departments, and societies with socially mobile talent and tailoring headhunter, and social media activities to target said applicants proved extremely effective. These activities paired with the RealRating test, JLL saw a “real spike in registrations and a significant increase in applications from target demographics” with 3, 388 clickthroughs for the graduate campaign, and 2, 487 for their internships.


Finding Wider, Diverse Brand Ambassadors

Such methods are not only effective when targeting excellent socially mobile candidates, but have proven successful when seeking to attract high quality BAME and female candidates. For example, JLL’s most successful BAs have been socially mobile, female, and BAME with other companies seeing similar success!


Attracting Top BAME Talent for PoliceNow and NAO

Similarly, with the aim of driving BME applications, Police Now worked with Sanctuary Graduates to target 16 universities following data from our database, The Tab, HESA, and HEPI indicating above average diversity. As such, our networks were empowered to engage relevant, high quality BME talent resulting in 1, 097 clickthroughs with a “drastic increase in number of BAME applications” and an increase from 16% BAME hires in the previous year to 18% following this work. 

The National Audit Office (NAO) also aimed to achieve increased BAME applications and hires for their more obscure branches. Similar methods were applied with Sanctuary Graduates’ academic departments with high proportions of BAME students being targeted, while other campus networks such as headhunters and society connections were empowered to target BAME candidates, explaining the benefits of working for NAO. This resulted in 175 applications and 2 hires. 

The benefits of working with BAs from backgrounds similar to those that you wish to target for your roles can therefore be seen clearly. Not only are they able to access unseen networks of relevant talent, but they are able to identify and actively target applications from high quality, diverse talent that will flourish with your opportunities! 


Are you interested in working with Sanctuary Graduates to secure and manage BA campaigns for your opportunities? Would you like to have a chat about how we make use of our unique on campus connections to aid in the hiring of top, diverse talent for our clients opportunities? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! 

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