Continuing to Fill Hard to Fill Roles Throughout COVID-19

Today, Sanctuary Graduates is sharing our experience and insights on filling hard to fill roles and continuing to do so successfully during lockdown. Our clients outsource their recruitment to us for various hard to fill roles from roles in locations that tend to get less applicants, to those which require very specific, hard to find experience, and we have adapted to continue to deliver during covid-19!


How do we fill hard to roles during lockdown?

Sanctuary Graduates have continued to source talent for hard to fill roles throughout lockdown making use of our extensive campus connections and adapting our strategies and advice to said connections in response to the increased need for digital marketing.

Sanctuary Graduates take pride in tailoring our approaches depending on our client, their roles, and set KPIs for every attraction and/or recruitment campaign. 

As such, this is how we have been working to fill Smarta Rewards’ Backend Developer role for their office in Leeds:


Academic Departments

Given the nature of a backend developer role, experience in coding and a technical background is essential for top quality talent here. As such, our team has reached out to our connections at academic departments such as Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and more at universities in and around Leeds.

Similarly, one can utilise Sanctuary Graduates Headhunters studying relevant subjects at geographically pertinent universities across the country to engage relevant talent, as we did for a defence tech company looking for technical graduate talent:


Zoom Interviews

Smarta Rewards specified that they are looking for candidates with active involvement in tech outside of work, a portfolio of projects and programs showcasing individual ability and progress evidencing they are able to break and fix things creatively and quickly. As such, face to face interviews are necessary to identify not only this skillset, but a genuine interest in backend development and technology. In response to lockdown, Sanctuary Graduates replaced initial face to face interviews with interviews via Zoom for the best, relevant profiles to most effectively engage said talent and identify these skill sets and interests.


Geotagged University, Database, and LinkedIn Searching

Geotagging is essential when looking to fill hard to fill roles. While top universities were targeted up and down the country, focus was given to universities such as Leeds, York, Newcastle, and Manchester. Sanctuary Graduates focussed e-shots to our database as well as LinkedIn searching as per university locations due to a history of candidates having a vested interest in pursuing roles in and near their university towns, thus aiding further in the filling of hard to fill roles.

Take a look at our article on how we filled roles for one of The Big Four Accounting Firms’ tricky locations:



Various hard to fill roles in tech naturally require extracurricular activities and interest in back and front end development to ensure a skillset and passion that will allow individuals to excel in such roles. As such, searches for talent can take places on sites such as Github to see portfolios of pertinent work from talent that maintains engagement in relevant projects in their own time even throughout lockdown. 


Would you like to discuss outsourcing your hard to fill roles to Sanctuary Graduates and our extensive campus connections? Get in contact, we’d love to hear from you!