What is a HeadHunter, and How can they Help Attract Talent for your Roles?

If you’re a student…

If you’re a student, then working as a HeadHunter (HH) is a way to build your CV. You gain experience in public speaking, events management, digital marketing and more, all while making some extra cash! With this being more unique than your standard part time student job, you’re paid differently as well. 

HHs get paid £1 for every applicant that comes through with your unique code, and £200 for any of your applicants that get hired. This can go up to £500 for a hire for some of our more niche roles, so it’s an extra incentive to find the best quality candidates that you’re able to access!

This role is also ideal for candidates who may have a bit more of a packed schedule as on average, HHs will work 2 hours a week in garnering attraction for the campaigns they work on. As such, you can maintain the role, gain experience and not have your work impact your schedule and studies too much. 

If you’re an employer…

If you’re an employer, HeadHunters (HH) are an excellent means of delivering on your campus marketing aims as an employer. HHs promote specific campaigns with their unique, trackable code in order to monitor their success promoting particular opportunities.

student headhunters and tracking technology

Much like brand ambassadors, HHs will engage in a variety of activities in order to encourage relevant talent to apply for your opportunities. This includes: lecture shout outs; digital marketing initiatives engaging social media, LinkedIn etc.; attending talks; running events; posting on society channels and more. 

HHs are used to meet specific goals from diversifying the talent applying, to filling hard to fill roles. HHs are therefore selected based on their own studies and connections that may be relevant to the role and their access to these relevant talent pools. This extremely targeted method of attracting applicants for roles has proven effective in the filling hard to fill roles. For example, Sanctuary Graduates saw around 800 applications coming from HHs in 2019 resulting in hires made for roles ranging from audit with the Big Four to wealth management roles and IT service desk graduate roles with Bluebay. 

HeadHunters for Sanctuary Graduates’ clients are managed by Sanctuary Graduates with regular weekly updates on activities, tracking of the success of these activities, and suggestions for what HHs can do and how to be more effective. Sanctuary Graduates’ experience managing these HHs as well as our various other campus connections allows for effective HH campaigns to meet your goals and get great applicants for your opportunities. 

Further, with a database of over 160, 000, connections to 75+ diverse societies with a reach of more than 20, 000, over 950 academic department connections and more, Sanctuary Graduates is more than capable of finding the perfect HH for your campaign as well as access these same networks to help fill your roles and meet your goals!


Are you interested in becoming a HeadHunter? Are you an employer that would like to set up a HeadHunter campaign with Sanctuary Graduates? Or do you have any questions? Do get in touch or let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!