Commercial Awareness: Positivity Amidst COVID-19

This week’s commercial awareness update from Sanctuary Graduates is coming with a bit of a twist. Amidst COVID-19 globally, there are major economic impacts across industries globally which are being readily discussed at length across the media. As such, we will instead be giving some lighter relief from the pandemic that you have undoubtedly been hearing about. Read on for businesses supporting NHS workers, what individuals have been doing to lift spirits during lockdown, and industries that are in desperate need of student and graduate workers. 

Farms Could Help Families and Students Financially Amidst COVID-19 and Harvest Season

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, countries are noticing a dip in the benefits to the EU’s free movement of workers. With travel restrictions cutting seasonal migration to harvest crops such as asparagus, farmers are having to adapt rapidly in sourcing workers, especially given the trend of stockpiling amidst the pandemic. As such, one sees farmers scrambling to encourage students, local workers, and those unfortunately made redundant due to the economic impact the pandemic is having on many industries. It is estimated that around 70, 000 workers are needed in the UK to fulfil the whole harvesting season. With similar roles being taken by many students when travelling, this is definitely a good way to make an income during lockdown while supporting British industry. 

As such, if you are looking for work, do send in an application with Hops Labour Solutions!

Companies in the UK are Supporting Our Vital NHS Workers Through COVID-19

With the nation going into lockdown and only essential workers working in general, companies have rallied to 

support NHS workers in their roles. From Pret A Manger offering free tea and coffee, and 50% discounts on their other products for NHS workers, to Unilever providing £50 million in soap, sanitiser, bleach, and food globally tohelp fight the pandemic, one sees a unification in addressing COVID-19. This is also apparent in smaller, family run businesses, taking philanthropic steps such as giving out masks, cleaning wipes, and antibacterial gel to those in need such as a corner shop in Scotland.

Woman from Cornwall Goes Viral with Postcards

A woman in Falmouth has gone viral amidst the COVID-19 outbreak by reaching out to her neighbours with postcards. Having identified how isolating and disheartening the lockdown could be for many, especially vulnerable members of society, she sent postcards out in her local community to uplift spirits and identify anyone who wanted a phone call, post mailed, supplies, or groceries. This was then emulated globally, with individuals reaching out to her from as far away as Australia commending her idea for fostering community despite isolation. 

Films and Shows are Being Released Early

With lockdowns happening globally, all industries are having to adapt accordingly. Naturally, this also includes the 

film and television industry where one sees a $108 million dollar impact in Italy and between $165 and $220 millionin Spain amidst their lockdowns. As such, films and shows are being released early, and whilst you are unable to go to cinemas yourself, they are being brought to you via streaming services with interest here naturally spiking. As such, whilst being stuck indoors may not be ideal, you can do so with a show to binge or that movie you’ve been anticipating!

The Environment is Benefiting from Reduced Pollutant Production

With entire countries around the globe insisting citizens stay home, production lines slowing down significantly as businesses are forced to close, and travel being limited more than ever before, one sees pollution levels dropping dramatically. For example, in Venice, canals appear clear and dolphins are being spotted again in the ports of Cagliari. Further, global emissions of CO2 have been shown at an all time low as national and international journeys are cancelled, and in China, research has shown  carbon monoxide output reduce by 50%.

The Future Isn’t Necessarily So Bleak


While Europe is reaching its peak over the coming months regarding COVID-19, one can see that life will begin to return to normal over time with South Korea having largely contained their outbreak and beginning to function as normal, and China having discharged around 69, 000 of 82, 000 confirmed cases. Europe is clearly not at this point yet, but these developments in Asia offer a glimmer of hope to look forward to life returning to normal. 

Have you heard of anything positive during lockdown? Do you have ideas for how to uplift spirits? Or do you have a friend or family member looking for work? Share this article and comment below! Tune in next week for another update to brighten up your lockdown!