Sanctuary Graduates featured in BBC diversity show ‘How to Break Into the Elite’

Producers from BBC2 contacted Sanctuary Graduates, to leverage our expertise in graduate recruitment and our knowledge of campus for a documentary on diversity in graduate recruitment.

Specifically, with Amol Rajan as the presenter, they were looking to explore the challenges students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds face when pursuing their dream careers.

They wanted to benefit from our insights into diversity within graduate recruitment, gained from delivering diverse graduates to 100s of graduate employers over the years. They also wanted to video one of the mock assessment centres we put on for our candidates, which help them navigate the real thing with their desired employers. One of the assessment centre attendees was an outstanding candidate called Amaan, who we had supplied to the BBC, and became one of the protagonists of the documentary.

The result is an extremely well produced, thought provoking account of several students from varying backgrounds trying to start their careers. We relished our involvement, and were delighted to share our expertise. Viewing of the entire documentary on iPlayer recommended – it’s called “How to Break Into the Elite”