How to Recruit Suitable Graduates for your Business

For any organisation, it’s imperative to have quality, dedicated employees who are outstanding in their fields.

The recruitment process can be time-consuming and expensive to complete on your own, and even after it all you are not guaranteed a successful applicant.

So how do you make sure you attract the best candidates for the role and the success of your organisation?

Here’s how to recruit graduates that are right for you and your business:


Show innovation

You don’t have to be a fashionable brand to attract recruits. 

Graduates of today have become more aware of employer brands compared to consumer brands, so long gone are the days where graduates assumed only trendy brands are good to work for.

However, it is best to show innovation in recruitment so you can appeal to students and graduates and make them proud to be a part of your company. This will also aid employee longevity and sustainable recruitment.


Keep your website up to date

Having an up-to-date website will appeal to your target recruits and let them know they would be working for a business that is current and forward-thinking.

Think of your website as not only an advert for your product or service but also as an advert to recruit graduates.


Create a large online presence

To keep ahead of your competitors you’ll need to make sure you have a significant online presence and cover all social media platforms.Integrating your website with social media instantly links you to students and graduates.

Additionally, more and more people are frequently using their mobile phones over laptops to access the Internet. The majority percentage of smartphone users are 18-24 year olds, which are your target graduate recruits. Therefore it’s beneficial to make sure your website is mobile-friendly as well.


Speed up your recruitment systems

Recruitment can be a long, tiring process, which is something that can put graduates off or dampen their enthusiasm when they come to work for you.

Graduates of today expect swift responses. When it comes to recruiting graduates, outsourcing the graduate recruitment process to a reputable company can not only attract great interest but it can also speed up the process making you an attractive employer to potential candidates.


Seek out your candidates face-to-face

You can’t always expect graduates to find you- instead, why not go to them.

Even in this digital age, there’s nothing more engaging than speaking face to face. Don’t assume careers fairs are a thing of the past; in fact they are gaining in popularity year on year at universities all over the country.

By talking directly to potential employers, candidates can get a feel for the role and the business culture. It’s much easier to express your business ethos and job role in person.

There are many ways to attract the finest graduates, but it can often be a long, time-consuming process. Just remember to engage with social media, keep your website updated and employ a long term strategy for your recruitment.

Outsourcing your graduate recruitment to the right company can save you valuable time and money, and secure the best graduates for your business.