Introducing the Social Mobility Foundation

This week we are starting our dialogue on our partnership with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF). We will be introducing what we do as a company, and how this ties into the SMF’s work. In this process, we will also be outlining to employers the various events, talks, and materials we will be publishing alongside the SMF over the coming weeks and months. These will elaborate on the importance of diversity, how to improve your graduate recruitment processes, and informing you of opportunities to get involved with both Sanctuary Graduates and the SMF in the future, accessing our expertise, insights, events, support, and articles.

Why Sanctuary Graduates is a Social Mobility Foundation Partner

Given Sanctuary Graduates’ expertise in providing a diverse talent pool to employers for their graduate recruitment, placements, and internship opportunities, we have partnered with the SMF in order to better aid their students in their career progression. Sanctuary Graduates runs various events with the SMF in order to prepare candidates for recruitment processes from how to present themselves on their social media channels, to mock assessment centres and interviews. Over the next few weeks, we will be delving into some of the success stories, including an update from our candidate featured on the BBC with us who is now pursuing his career at Goldman Sachs.

ISE Conference with Sanctuary Graduates and the Social Mobility Foundation

Sanctuary Graduates is delighted to announce that we will be speaking at the ISE Conference this June drawing upon both our own and SMF’s knowledge base and expertise in order for employers to unlock key insights in these areas. 

We will be explaining and analysing both the importance of diversity in the form of socioeconomic background, gender, and BAME diversity as well as how to break into and navigate the Social Mobility Employer Index. Our partnership with the SMF has given us the knowledge and capability to give a unique insight into achieving this in your company, so do stay tuned and attend our talk at the ISE Conference this year!

We are very excited to give our clients and potential clients a better insight into our work with our departments, Brand Ambassadors, socioeconomically diverse headhunters, and student societies in order to achieve your diversified talent pool applications. 

What Else Are We Working on with the SMF?

Due to Sanctuary Graduates’ partnership with the SMF we are excited to announce that we will be publishing materials and running various events with the organisation in order to give employers a better idea of best practice for their recruitment processes and more. Our materials will go into depth on our practices for helping employers improve their processes not just for social mobility, but for gender diversity, BAME diversity and more, thus widening potential talent pools.

The SMF’s Work and History

The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) was set up in 2005 with the goal of providing opportunities and networks to 16-17 year olds who are unable to access these same opportunities from their schools or families. Students previously supported by the SMF have pursued successful careers across the 11 sectors the charity provides support for.

The SMF provides support to its students through: Mentoring via email by professionals; tailored skills sessions and career workshops; university application support and advice; and internships with top employers. With requirements for students to have strong academic capability as well as being either eligible for free school meals, or the first member of their family to attend university, the SMF provides support to a network of highly motivated young people. These candidates are from socioeconomic backgrounds which do not tend to provide as much support or opportunities for career development in these sectors.

Last year, 92% of SMF candidates stated that they wouldn’t have been able to get an internship at the organisation they were placed without the help of the SMF and over 95% of these internship hosts stated the candidates were of the calibre they would hire upon graduation. Further, over the last 6 years, 53% of SMF students began their academic careers at Russell Group universities.

Keep an eye on our social media channels and blog in order to keep up to date with our insights and updates, and we hope to hear from you and see you at the ISE Conference soon!

Any questions? Feel free to get in contact!